The Punts (aka Bonnie Hayes & The Wild Combo)

photograph by catharine j. anderson
Paul Davis

photograph by catharine j. anderson
Bonnie Hayes

photograph by catharine j. anderson
Hank Maninger

The Punts were a New Wave band in San Francisco and at this point in time had a "hit" single titled Shelly's Boyfriend.  When I say "hit" I mean it got alot of airplay on KUSF, a college radio station broadcasting throughout the San Franscico Bay area.

The Punts eventually signed with Slash Records and changed their name to Bonnie Hayes and the Wild Combo. They released an album on Slash Records titled Good Clean Fun and a second album on Bondage Records titled Brave New Girl. They were very popular in San Francisco in the early to mid 80s and I went to many of their shows.

These particular images were taken the first time I saw the band at the Keystone Berkeley. The band was Bonnie Hayes (vocals and piano), Paul Davis (guitar), Hank Maninger (bass) and Kevin Hayes on drums. Two images I shot this particular night were published in KUSF Wave Sector magazine.

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Unknown said...

I followed Bonnie and her band The Wild Combo all around the Bay area in the mid to late 80s venues included Larry Blakes in Berkeley keystone Palo Alto Cotati cabaret etc. I was in my 20s then and she truly was a brave new girl her lyrics cut down to the soul the essence of living in San Francisco bay area songs like night baseball ( at the stick of course)
still listen - If you’re out there - CHEERS you signed my arm with a ballpoint pen after the show in Palo Alto - you are the coolest