photograph by catharine j. anderson
Robert Darlington

photograph by catharine j. anderson
Dave Scheff

photograph by catharine j. anderson
Larry Dekker and Steve Barton

Translator was one of my favorite local bands. The band was Robert Darlington, Steve Barton, Larry Dekker and Dave Scheff. I saw and photographed the band many times in many venues. The photographs here come from The Keystone Berkeley, the I-Beam and possibly The Stud. I am paricularly pleased with the shots I took of Dave Scheff the night I took the above photo. Photographing drummers was alwas difficult as they were usually in the back with the wrong type of lighting on them as well as cymbals covering their faces. This series of Dave came out very well. I included several images from this series in the book Eclypso: Photographs by Catharine J. Anderson.

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