photograph by catharine j. anderson
Brian Marnell

photograph by catharine j. anderson
Jack Casady

SVT was a New Wave/Power Pop band consisting of bassist Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, singer/guitarist Brian Marnell and drummer Paul Zahl. I got some very good shots of Brian and Jack at a Keystone Berkelely gig. 
Bart, the owner of Berkeley Square, asked me to come see him at his office at some point. I think he had a record label, or was thinking of starting a label, and looking to release some SVT material. He was of course interested in photos. I am not really sure if that ever worked out. I know the band released an EP on 415 records. Their album No Regrets was released by MSI Records. I am not sure if that was Bart's label or not. In any case, the band was really good. They didn't last however. Brian Marnell died and Jack and Paul formed Yanks (not sure in what order).

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