The Ramones

photograph by catharine j. anderson
Dee Dee Ramone

photograph by catharine j. anderson
Joey Ramone

photograph by catharine j. anderson
Johnny Ramone
I have a hard time remembering the facts related to this show. I was friends with Translator drummer Dave Scheff and his wife Marywynn. Both Translator and The Ramones recorded albums in 1984 that were produced by Ed Stasium. The Ramones release "Too Tough to Die" in late 1984 and Translator released "Translator" in 1985. The Ramones played the Kabuki Theater in 1983 and 1984. I am pretty sure I was in South Florida in 1984 so I think these images my be from the Kabuki in 1983. It's all a blur.

In any case, Dave got me on the guest list and I had an opportunity to shoot the Ramones. I thought Translator opened for them but after talking to Dave many years later, I found out that Translator never opened for The Ramones. It turns out that due to Translator's association with Ed Stasium, they were on the guest list that night and somehow had me added as well.

Looking at another photographer's shot from the 1983 Kabuki show, this may be right. They are all dressed the same as in my shots and Dee Dee's hair looks about the same length. Its hard to tell however as The Ramones tended to always look basically the same.

In any case, I believe these shots are from the April 29, 1983 show at the Kabuki. I have no idea who opened for them. All I remember is that the place was packed and we were standing on the floor somewhat close to the stage. Some girl with spiked high heels stepped on my big toe and I had a black and blue mark the shape of her heel under my toe for quite a long time afterwards.

Although I took a fair amount of shots, those of Johnny and Joey all look almost exactly alike. Dee Dee is the only one who looks different in the various negatives. I think this is the only band I ever shot and ended up with several images that all looked exactly the same. Kind of interesting.

As usual, I shot with my Pentax ME using available light.

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